Helpful Hints

               Dunlap RV Center is here to help all of our guests’ needs and we hope that you find our checklists convenient and easy to use. We have made these lists so that your camping trips run smoothly and stress-free as they help you watch for preventative maintenance issues and keep your camper running like the day it left from the lot.

Click HERE to view The Pre-Camping Checklist form.

               Our Post Camping Checklist will help you perform your Pre-Camping Checklist for your next adventure. It insures the cleanliness of your unit, health of your battery, and most importantly, the overall life of your camper.

Click HERE to view the Post Camping Checklist.

               During the camping season, you will find it imperative to check your battery’s water levels every two weeks and only refill with distilled water. Reviewing our Deep Cycle Battery Maintenance Form will show you more electrical tips and information important for the life of your battery.

Click HERE for the Deep Cycle Battery Maintenance form.

               Part of caring for your camper is roof maintenance. Factory warranties require the washing and spot-sealing of your roof every six months. This can prevent future leaks, rotting, and UV damage. Please read our Roof Maintenance Form for more information and our step-by-step guide on cleaning and sealing your rubber roof.

Click HERE to view the Roof Maintenance form.

               When using everyday items in your camper such as a hair dryer or a microwave that run on electrical, you may find yourself needing to supplement another item in your camper – like a water heater or refrigerator – over to propane. Tripping an electrical breaker can be devastating, especially on your dream trip, so to avoid doing such, we have a “Best Method” approach.

Click HERE to view the Power Requirements form.

               Spring maintenance is a definite must just like spring-cleaning your home. Your camper must be cleaned and maintained to insure a trouble-free camping season. 

Click HERE to view the Spring Maintenance form.

               You definitely do not want to forget winterizing your camper. Not doing so can make for costly repairs in the springtime. These are easily avoidable with a quick and simple fifteen minute winterization. All you need is anti-freeze and our step-by-step Winterization Form!

Click HERE to view the Winterization form.

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